Experimental Cancerology Department

Experimental Cancerology Department

The Experimental Cancerology Department is divided into two sections. On the one hand, the hybridoma group in charge of the generation of therapeutic antibodies directed against relevant oncology targets. On the other, the pharmacology group involved in the development of functional tests for the screening and characterization of CIPF's naked antibodies and ADCs.


Experimental Cancerology Department


Selection of the molecules is made using tests measuring the main physiological properties that characterize tumor cells including overexpression of the target, and its involvement in the processes of proliferation, resistance to apoptosis, promotion of angiogenesis, invasion and migration. Specific studies are also conducted on the impact of candidate antibodies on cell signaling and the turnover of the target. Lastly, the contribution of effector functions in the activity of antibodies is evaluated. Confocal imaging, cytometry and immunohistology platforms serve to support these activities for selection and characterization of candidate antibodies.


cytometry and immunohistology platforms

selection and characterization of candidate antibodies


oncology researchExperimental Cancerology Department


All of the results are also analyzed with a view to identifying activity biomarkers for the monotoring of activity or for selecting responsive patients during the development of our candidate molecules.



Experimental Cancerology Department at the CIPF