ABU:Antibody Biotechnology Unit

Unique technological integration

The "Antibody Biotechnology Unit" (ABU) is the bioproduction site of the Center of Immunology Pierre Fabre (CIPF). In operation since 2011 and located next to the CIPF, ABU responds to the need for production of the biological molecules identified by the Research Teams.


Antibody Biotechnology Unit


It was designed to give priority to quality, efficacy and flexibility. All the processes are based on the latest single-use technologies, offering unmatched operating flexibility and a guarantee of safety for products. The 1000 l production capacity, expandable to 2000 or 3000 l, is sized for the production of batches for phase I and II clinical trials.

The facilities and production principles comply with GMP and are accredited by the French Drug Agency (ANSM).


active substance of the Antibody Biotechnology Unit


The batches of active substances manufactured at ABU are controlled and released by the QC and QA teams at CIPF. Filling is carried out by our entities specialized in aseptic filling in Pau (Aquitaine Pharm International).



ABU will be acquiring new premises dedicated to GMP production of antibodies conjugated to cytotoxic agents (Antibody-Drug Conjugates - ADC). The facilities enable coupling and purification of antibodies with highly active compounds (OEB 5). This production activity complements the ADC expertise developed by the Research teams for internal and partner projects.



ABU's know-how in process development, bioproduction and ADC coupling/purification capacity are open to partner projects. Please visit our Contact page for any questions concerning these services. You'll find the other production services available at the Pierre Fabre Group on the dedicated pages.



Through this project, Pierre Fabre Laboratories is pursuing its commitment to sustainable development. In this regard, ABU and our site in Soual (Tarn) are among the pioneer sites in France in the creation of the "High Environmental Quality" reference framework for industrial sites. This action is a first in France for a bioproduction site.



The Center of Immunology Pierre Fabre and ABU are a model of operational excellence. This is one of the rare sites in France boasting such advanced integration in Research, Development and Bioproduction. This structure, set in a privileged environment, ensures the Pierre Fabre Group a leading position in identifying and evaluating the therapeutic potential of the biomolecules of tomorrow.