CIPF Presentation

CENTER OF IMMUNOLOGY Pierre Fabre Presentation

Inaugurated in 1990, CIPF gained its notoriety with a high performance center for production of recombinant proteins and bacterial biomasses. Long focused on vaccine approaches, since 2003, the research teams have recentered their activities on the discovery and characterization of monoclonal antibodies in oncology.


Pierre Fabre Immunology Center


A center of excellence in the area of biotechnologies, the Center of Immunology Pierre Fabre (CIPF) develops research programs in the area of cancer immunotherapy, in particular identification of monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic purposes.


The departments of Research and Industrial Biotechnology pool their specific expertise and know-how to identify antibodies, define their therapeutic properties and produce them on the industrial scale. The research conducted at CIPF over the past several years is currently taking shape with the clinical development of the Pierre Fabre Group’s first antibody. Cancer immunotherapy is a major focus in anti-tumor therapy; CIPF is spearheading it.